Ever Wondered How Raw You Should Go?

Our bodies are about 80% water and crave natural hydration in the form of fruits and veggies. Plants naturally distill water and by eating water rich plant-based foods or fresh cold pressed juices we’re eating living water rather than dead water that’s been sitting stagnant in a plastic bottle. Valuable enzymes, raw fiber, natural vitamins, easily absorbable minerals and photo chemicals are just some of the benefits of raw fruits and veggies. All fruits and veggies are more nutritious when eaten raw as heat degrades some key nutrients including vitamins C and B6.

Raw-foodists eat a diet that consists completely (or mostly) of foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and sprouted legume that are uncooked. That can be tough, even scary for some! But remember even adding some raw foods to your diet will reap benefits! The more raw you can go, the healthier for your system.  Focus on eating more raw foods, rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach.

Get Creative On Going Raw:

Fresh cold pressed juice: Easiest way to eat raw in my opinion. Great way to get maximum antioxidants, enzymes and all that good stuff into your system. How easy it to eat 8 carrots, 2 apples and 2 oranges in one sitting? It will probably take some time to chew and chow that down.  But juice all this produce and you can chug it down in 2 minutes!

Salads: Raw veggies and fruit can be tucked into a salad. Make salads enticing by appealing to the sense of taste, color and texture. Addition of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs, lemon can make add to the visual appeal.

Smoothies: Another easy way to eat raw. Blend up some fresh produce and be creative with your concoctions. Just don’t add any sugar and spoil the natural sweetness of the fruit. Add super antioxidants like chia seeds, flax, nuts etc into your smoothies to give them a boost of healthy fat

Sprout vs. Cook: Eat your legumes sprouted rather than cooking them. To learn more about sprouting legumes, click here

Just eat raw: Bite into fresh raw veggies and fruit and experience them in their natural state without any preservatives or additives! Use natural dips like hummus, raw chutneys as a condiment to dip.

So What’s The Takeaway From This?

It’s absolutely not necessary to go 100% raw, and you can slowly start incorporating living food into your daily diet and find what works best for YOU. Juicing is an easy way to eat raw and because many foods are more nutritious when eaten raw, it’s a smart idea to work raw foods and fresh juice into your daily routine. Next time you want to chill, kick back, get yourself a book and a glass of cold pressed juice! Going raw was never easier and you body will thank you for it!

Author – Sunithi Selvaraj, RD

You can follow her blog at www.suesnutritionbuzz.com

Get A Fresh Squeeze! Say NO To Pasteurized Juice

Imagine sitting in a room sweating at 70 degrees C and trying to feel fresh. Not a pretty picture, eh! I can imagine that’s how fruits and veggies picked off trees and bushes feel every time they’re put through the process of pasteurization.

Here’s how you probably get the juice you drink every day: Fruits and veggies are juiced in a centrifugal juicer which generates heat, and then the juice is put through pasteurization that heats it to as much as 70 degrees C. After that, the juice is cooled, often laced with preservatives and additives. Then it’s off to the bottling machine.

During pasteurization, valuable enzymes and life-giving nutrients in the juice are destroyed. And then there are the preservatives and sugar that many manufactures add to their products. Talk about juice pollution! Did you ever pick an orange off of a tree and sprinkle it with sugar and chemicals?

And what about apple juice? Take a look at the pasteurized stuff that they sell in the store. Notice how clear it is. It’s almost as transparent as water. Guess who is to blame? Yep,  pasteurization. The processing that occurs during the pasteurization renders the juice clear and alien from its natural state, stripping it of so much of the goodness that it would otherwise have.

Generally, I’d prefer that one drinks plain water or milk over commercial pasteurized juice to satiate thirst and nourish our bodies. On the other hand, fresh cold pressed juice screams healthy, wholesome and nourishing to me, and I would welcome this kind of juice in my family’s daily diet, a few times a day. Not to mention unprocessed, cold pressed juice has an earthy, natural, clean, garden fresh taste to it!

What on earth is Cold pressed / masticated juice? Great question. Let me tell you the difference between centrifuged juice and cold pressed juice:

Centrifuged juice:  Fruits and veggies are fed into a juicer in an upright position through a mesh container and juice is extracted through a spout and the pulp is ejected out in a separate basket.  The juicing process involves blades rotating at high speeds cutting through the ingredients and the juice is exposed to some heat and air, two things that cut down on nutrients and enzymes. To add to this, commercial juices are pasteurized and often laced with preservatives & additives.

Cold pressed juice: Juice is extracted from Fruits and veggies by applying pressure and squeezing the juice out. The process of juicing here is slower, but that’s a good thing! More juice is extracted, and because it is cold-pressed, there’s no heat to sap out nutrients or suck away the important enzymes. Cold pressed juice also has a longer shelf life compared to homemade centrifuged juices (upto 72 hours when refrigerated), and you can juice the softer, more delicate veggies like spinach and wheatgrass. It also tastes better than centrifuged juice.

Taste Comparison : Cold pressed juice actually tastes like the fruit or vegetable it comes from, whereas processed, pasteurized juices try to approximate the same by adding ingredients.  The truth is pasteurized juices taste like you’d expect a juice to taste when made out of a fruit or veggie that was probably picked a few months ago. Once you get used to the taste of natural wholesome cold-pressed juice, commercial juices will taste artificially sweet and unnatural and there’s no going back.

With your busy schedule, juicing can be a real chore, especially when it comes time to clean the juicer. So just hand it over to the experts. Swa  Juice will deliver fresh and healthy cold pressed juice to your doorstep in 300-ml glass bottles. They have a team of dedicated experts that will ensure all safety  standards and package your juice in safe manner that will stay fresh till it reaches you.  They have juice packages which on a weekly basis work out to what you’d otherwise spend on a single dine out meal and drinks. Can’t beat  that ! Make your life healthier by adding natural, fresh, preservative -free, cold – pressed, delicious juices to your diet. You will be nourishing your body, mind and soul and building a healthier you.

Author – Sunithi Selvaraj, RD

You can follow her blog at www.suesnutritionbuzz.com