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Good question! Most of the juicers used in these shops use centrifugal juicing technology so it is not the same. Centrifugal juicers shred ingredients into pulp and filter it through mesh. This results in high heat generation and loss of nutrients, enzymes and taste. Most of these juice bars add sugar in the juice as well. Swa employs the gentle cold pressed method, a unique slow press juicing technique. This ensures that our juices undergo minimum oxidization, thus retaining their natural nutrition and flavor to the maximum. And we do not add any sugar in our juices to enhance it’s taste. All you will taste in our juices will be raw goodness of real fruits and vegetables.

We pick the freshest ingredients for you, sourced only locally. We take utmost care in inspecting our ingredients. We give our ingredients industry grade wash to remove impurities and pesticides. Our trained staff then carry out juicing in our awesome cold press machine. We package, store and deliver our juices in temperature controlled environment. We have a list of quality checks implemented at each step to give you best in the class product. 

No it is not. We don’t really believe in 1 day, 3-day, 5-day cleanses. We don’t think our body can magically heal itself with a cleanse after months of abuse. Rather, we strongly believe in ‘Balanced Nutrition’. Each day can be lived to the fullest if we treated our body right. We understand its a struggle for each one of us…. we want to do our bit by making this option of ‘wholesome nutrition’ easily accessible to all. Thats why we are here. 

Here is a link to a study that will provide more clarity –

Swa Juices don’t contain any added sugar or preservatives. Hence juices need colder temperatures to prevent oxidation and loss of healthy nutrients.

If it is not then it is an issue! It is natural property of juices to separate once they settle. Please shake your juices well before use. We also do not use additives to maintain the texture of our juices.

Nature didn’t make two humans similar likewise ingredients can’t taste same every time we pick and juice them. Depending on the season and origin, ingredients may taste different. We use ingredients that are available in current season and are available locally. We also do not add any additives to maintain texture or consistency so juices may taste different from time to time.

Nope, not at all. We use ingredients that are available in a given season only so that they are ripe enough, taste natural and help our body in that season. You will get new flavors every few months. Some flavors may stay but you will definitely see new ones every now and then. Have requests for new flavors? Do write to us at 



Orders and payments

Our Juices are made to order only. Swa Juice believes this is the best way to get you the freshest ingredients. Swa Juice is a product of mother nature and hence we try to minimize waste in every process.

For any order or payment related issues, please reach out to us at or call us on +91 87623 13885 / +91 87623 10485.



Of course we can! We definitely want you to make better choices while you are at your workplace. Please give us a proper delivery address and delivery instructions when you place your order. Then you can easily have these juices in between your meals or meetings! Swa juice will keep you energized through out the day.

Currently, we do not. Our goal is to provide Swa Juices when you need them the most – during your work week when you are too busy to take care of yourself. We encourage you to continue with healthy routine by your self on weekends. Try cooking a delicious healthy meal, its awesome.


Terms and conditions

Swa Juice is helping you supplement your daily diet with more natural and nutritious option. Health and lifestyle details provided on our website or social media pages are to educate you and to help you make better choices. We are not doctors though! If you have any medical condition, please consult with your doctor asap. Swa Juice is not a medicine and it should not be used as a substitute of your medicines or treatment.

Swa Juice team has put their heart and soul in getting a piece of mother nature available at your doorstep as is. While we take utmost care in making our products, Swa Juice team is not liable for any damage or loss arising due to information on our site or due to our product.

This website is a property of Raw Earth Foods and Beverages Pvt Ltd trading as Swa Juice. You can always use information here for your personal use, however please respect our work and do not use images, inforgraphics and information here for commercial purposes. We appreciate your support.

We respect your privacy. We do not intend to use your personal emails to spam you or give your information in the hands of outsiders for promotional purposes. Once you are part of Swa family we will do best we can to protect your privacy.

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